Friday, March 9, 2012

Circus Dogs!

A few weeks ago I listened to this interview about Francis Metcalf who owns Friends Of The Family Dog Training and his Circus Dog classes in Berkeley California. I was immediately intrigued and impressed. I think the classes he is teaching are absolutely inspired and fresh - and frankly they simply look like loads of fun!

I had to offer the first "Circus Dog" classes in Lansing Michigan.

On the surface it might all look like a lot of fun and games and frankly it is. But if you look at what the dogs are really learning, there is a lot going on here. The dogs are learning to do tricks - that part is obvious but the dogs are also learning to stay while other dogs (and people) are moving around them. The dogs are learning how to use their to balance on all four legs or on only two or three of them. They are getting used to strange things hoops, jumps, bikes, skateboards -- and again to stay while people or dogs are jumping through hoops, wearing hats or riding on skateboards. The dogs are getting used to wearing really adorable costumes with ruffles or that jingle with bells.

The dogs are learning how to control themselves and how to work with their owners and this is all going on while being disguised as wickedly FUN! Because it training is fun, dogs are amazing.

Look at this great video from Francis of his Circus Dog Classes (there are many more up on You Tube).

I'm busy buying and making props for our first Circus Dog class -- Silly & Raven are polishing up their tricks. If you are interested in joining the other future Circus dogs in Lansing visit the website to enroll now. Don't worry if the three spots remaining fill, we'll just add another section -- I haven't been this excited about a new class in a very long time. Polish up your tiaras and dust off your top hat...ladies and gentleman it's time for the greatest show on earth!

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